Learn about SAFEME4MINE

Innovative maintenance system for mining machinery safety elements. The maintenance system consists of a mobile application and a measurement toolkit that allows on-site inspection of machinery safety elements.

Why choose SAFEME4MINE

The use of SAFEME4MINE will decrease the accident rate using mining machinery and increase the lifespan of the machinery in optimal conditions.
What mining machinery can SAFEME4MINE be used with?

The mining machinery included in SAFEME4MINE is:
Wheel Excavator
Tracked Excavator
Wheel Loader
Tracked Loader
Wheel Drilling Rig
Tracked Drilling Rig
Rigid Mining Truck
Articulated Mining Truck
Backhoe Loader
Bolting Rigs

What does SAFEME4MINE include?

SAFEME4MINE includes:
– Mobile application for Android or iOS.
– Measurement toolkit consisting of:
o Luxmeter
o Inclinometer
o Flexmeter
o Noise dosimeter
o Noise dosimeter field calibrator
o Decelerometer
o Depth meter
– Toolkit suitcase
– Detailed manual for field measurements.
– SAFEME4MINE brief user´s guide.

What are the advantages of using SAFEME4MINE?

– Reduces the accident rate associated with mining machinery with specific preventive maintenance of safety elements.

– It extends the lifespan of the machinery in optimal safety conditions, improving the circular economy and reducing the environmental impact.

– Allows inspection of the machinery on site during the work, minimizing downtime.

– It can be used for any machinery type, new or used, as well as any commercial brand.


Conventional preventive maintenance systems aim to guarantee the machinery functionality, not including, in most cases, the safety elements. The objective of SAFEME4MINE is the specific maintenance of the safety elements of the machinery, being, therefore, the perfect complement to conventional preventive maintenance systems.

SAFEME4MINE incorporates safety elements into the maintenance strategy.

How did SAFEME4MINE come about?

SAFEME4MINE is the result of an upscaling project funded by EIT Raw Materials. The project, coordinated by the Technical University of Madrid, was carried out by nine partners, including universities, research centers, and companies from different countries of the European Union.

SAFEME4MINE was born to improve mining safety acting directly on the accident rate related to machinery in the mining industry.

How much does SAFEME4MINE cost?

The SAFEME4MINE product is commercialized at different prices depending on the number of product users and the extra required services to the basic package. These services include additional tools, specific training and coaching, technical support, etc.

Please, contact us for a SAFEME4MINE budget, customized to your needs and requirements.


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    This activity has received funding from European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) , a body of the European Union, under the Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.